Saturday, 18 July 2009

book peeks

i read in a book called 'illustration play' who rob ryan is looking at the moment.

photographer tim walker- i like, very alice in wonderlandy and circus. i like the dresses hanging in trees lit up. beautiful, dream like shoots.

illustrator maira kalman- its allright.

am listening to old old kings of leon stuff, his scratchy voice is all around, attacking my ears and i like it. i like pure gravel voices that almost hurt to listen to but still sound beautiful at the same time. spices up the listening a bit.

getting started

ok. the reason why im starting this is to make sure i kind of keep one step in the art world over summer. otherwise, my heads going to stray and get lost, come september, we're back at square one again. so here we go. dont know if anyone will look at this, but that doesnt matter. is to keep my mind on it, something to focus on and doesnt take up too much time. here goes yeah.