Thursday, 8 July 2010


this post is kindof for me. and if i dont do what i am planning to do here, i will be forever disappointed in myself. wont be able to look int mirror like.
h'ok. here goes.
on monday the 19th of july, i am travelling to india with my good friend Tom. we are going for 3 weeks, flying into Delhi and flying home from Kathmandu, Nepal. so somehow weaving our way between the two. this is something i have wanted to do for about five years now and i am mad excited (with a massive overiding feeling of fear too) and i dont want this to be a wasted experience art wise. PLAN.
i am taking my slr camera with me and am going to photograph everything.
i am going to bring a disposable camera aswell to experiment with.
i am taking a couple of sketchbooks and i am going to draw draw draw. everything.
i have also made a leeetle project for myself. i always struggle when trying to draw patterns, and resort to drawing the same old folky triangle pattern. so when in india/nepal, i am on a concious mission (dramatic) to seek out patterns, already formed or found. yes please.

wish me luck...