Friday, 21 May 2010

drawings from my head

i tend to always keep some sort of visual journal. basically, its just little books of drawings that mean something to me, but cant fit in anywhere else.
here's a recent few...

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

oh yes.

i found a new photo editing software online, seeing as my computer seems to have some sort of issue with installing photoshop (which is a joy), so yeeees. i found this. and edited this.

oh haiii me.

magic is average

a trip to the beach in early march, sitting on the sand at about 11pm shivering drinking wine. i asked my present someone special,
'what was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? when have you experienced true beauty?'
i am happy that he for once answered a question seriously. he told me that when he was younger he, his dad and his brother went on a walk to climb a mountain. when they reached the top of the mountain and they looked around. all they could see was cloud. then, for a slight moment, the cloud dispersed and they could see a view of the landscape that lay so far beneath them. as suddenly as it appeared, the cloud drifted back again. a short sweet moment of beauty.

my current university project is 'magic'. i decided to approach this differently to a generic rabbit out of a top hat. i feel a constant annoyance at people who get 'bored'. and people who put so much want and value on possessions and superficiality. i wanted to present that magic is everywhere. magic can be found in everything. magic is average.

so through this and the story Will told me, i created these three sequential illustrations. i may perhaps screenprint them at some point.

oh yeah. btw. i do illustration. im a graphic communications student. should have probably mentioned that. well, here's your first taste. not quite cake. but yet, a little bit like cake.

or not.