Tuesday, 20 October 2009

i like men

i dont know quite what's wrong with me at the moment. i think i may just permenantly be on heat. im checking out like 100 men/boys a day. when i say boys i dont mean small children, but even from like age 16 up. what is wrong with me. i lahooove the male species and appreciate next to all forms of which you all come in. i find myself appreciating the obvious crack addict tramp's bonestructure, a 16 year old school boys olive skin, many a rugged beard, imagining myself hand in hand with the suited businessman in sainsburys, anyone in a checkered shirt. i can find something attractive in ANYONE at the moment. lets hope this is a phase. maybe moving to Bath is what did it to me. you bath men, you're just irresistable.
oh, and i have a BIG thing at the moment about men on bikes, with shorts. well one in particular. mmmm.