Thursday, 8 July 2010


this post is kindof for me. and if i dont do what i am planning to do here, i will be forever disappointed in myself. wont be able to look int mirror like.
h'ok. here goes.
on monday the 19th of july, i am travelling to india with my good friend Tom. we are going for 3 weeks, flying into Delhi and flying home from Kathmandu, Nepal. so somehow weaving our way between the two. this is something i have wanted to do for about five years now and i am mad excited (with a massive overiding feeling of fear too) and i dont want this to be a wasted experience art wise. PLAN.
i am taking my slr camera with me and am going to photograph everything.
i am going to bring a disposable camera aswell to experiment with.
i am taking a couple of sketchbooks and i am going to draw draw draw. everything.
i have also made a leeetle project for myself. i always struggle when trying to draw patterns, and resort to drawing the same old folky triangle pattern. so when in india/nepal, i am on a concious mission (dramatic) to seek out patterns, already formed or found. yes please.

wish me luck...

Friday, 21 May 2010

drawings from my head

i tend to always keep some sort of visual journal. basically, its just little books of drawings that mean something to me, but cant fit in anywhere else.
here's a recent few...

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

oh yes.

i found a new photo editing software online, seeing as my computer seems to have some sort of issue with installing photoshop (which is a joy), so yeeees. i found this. and edited this.

oh haiii me.

magic is average

a trip to the beach in early march, sitting on the sand at about 11pm shivering drinking wine. i asked my present someone special,
'what was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? when have you experienced true beauty?'
i am happy that he for once answered a question seriously. he told me that when he was younger he, his dad and his brother went on a walk to climb a mountain. when they reached the top of the mountain and they looked around. all they could see was cloud. then, for a slight moment, the cloud dispersed and they could see a view of the landscape that lay so far beneath them. as suddenly as it appeared, the cloud drifted back again. a short sweet moment of beauty.

my current university project is 'magic'. i decided to approach this differently to a generic rabbit out of a top hat. i feel a constant annoyance at people who get 'bored'. and people who put so much want and value on possessions and superficiality. i wanted to present that magic is everywhere. magic can be found in everything. magic is average.

so through this and the story Will told me, i created these three sequential illustrations. i may perhaps screenprint them at some point.

oh yeah. btw. i do illustration. im a graphic communications student. should have probably mentioned that. well, here's your first taste. not quite cake. but yet, a little bit like cake.

or not.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

hairy men

i am again, on heat. i have a blog which i have been trawling and drooling over for the last hour;

some beautys.

i am quite picky with my indie boys though. i dont like the skinny fashionista ones. i like the dirty, hairy, grizzly ones. or the ones that look like some sort of crossbread between a Victorian and a hippy. mmm.
i likey.

especially at the moment, robin pecknold.

Sunday, 14 February 2010


“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

thank you einstein.

4 years today <3

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


my life is making me smile at the moment.
i have no idea why. ive never been this bad...

i did badly in my first semester at university....
i got a verrrry average mark on my essay...
i rarely get up to see daylight...
i don't actually ever really get in to college...
i feel ill most of the time...
im not eating...
my head is very confused over a situation im in...
i need to wee all the time...
and i have a spot right in the middle of my chin

but im mad happy. this really doesn't make any sense for me, nevermind for you. im not generally all that happy. hmmm.....

think imma gunna make this into my proper blog....yi?